Everything but the kitchen sink...

Everything but the kitchen sink...

April 09, 2014

Do you carry everything but the kitchen sink in your handbag?  Tis the season to lighten your load, purge, clean out and replace. An easy place to start is with your pocketbook. Besides the obvious things we carry in our purses; wallets, keys and cell phones, there other essentials every women should consider carrying in their pocket books. I believe we should be prepared for anything such as garlic breath, ashy skin, cash bars etc.


  1. Napkins/baby wipes can be a lifesaver if you have an allergy attack, spill something or you find your self stuck in a toilet stall without toilet paper. Tip: If you buy a large package put a few in a ziplock storage bag to carry in your purse.

baby wipes

2. Lotion: We may skip or forget the lotion in the  morning  if we are running late, or harshness of hand soap and hand sanitizer can leave the skin dry and crusty. Keeping a small bottle in your purse smooth the crusties away. Tip:  Use empty travel containers to put lotion or cream from a larger container for your handbag.

extra night cream

3. Lips stick, tinted balm or gloss:  you never know when you need to be picture ready a little color goes a long way to brighten your face.

marykay lip gloss

4. Hand Sanitizer: I prefer to wash my hands with soap and  warm water, however sometimes neither are accessible, hand sanitizer is a good germ buster. Tip: To make your own sanitizer follow the recipe below:
1/4 cup 100% aloe vera gel
1/4 cup witch hazel
1 tsp vegetable glycerin
1 TBS apple cider vinegar
10 drops tea tree oil
a few drops of essential oil (optional)
bottle with lid, spray top or pump


5. Cash: Having cash on hand is good for paying tolls, change for parking meter or giving a tip. Also having cash can help you stay on budget, plan what you want to spend and keep that amount of cash in your wallet plus 20% for the unexpected.


  6. Mint /gum: In your hast did you forget to brush? Did you have garlic for lunch? Keep your breath in check, pop a piece of gum in your mouth.


These are the basic things that I think every women should carry in her bag,  of course you should tweek your bag to meet your own personal preferences. The point here is to light up and clean out unnecessary items. If you've been carrying something around for a year and have not used it chances are you don't need it. Take it out of your purse. That advice can probably work for some people in your life also....

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